I have sensitive skin, are these bath bombs safe for me?

We provide all of our ingredients in the description of each product. Since everyone has different severities of sensitive skin, you will have to make your own call. 

Will these bath bombs stain my skin/tub?
No, we use a safe amount of FDA colorant in our bath bombs that will ensure no staining. If you do drain the tub and see a ring of color, you most likely had dried soap on your tub from a previous bath. All you need to do is use a wash cloth and some warm water and it will come right off!

How much do your bath bombs weigh? 
All of our bath bombs weigh 3 - 5 oz.

Do you ever have promotions?
Yes, we do have promotions every now and then. If you want to know about a sale before it even happens, make sure you follow me on all of the social media platforms.

I received my order and i had a broken bath bomb(s), what do i do?
We wrap all orders in bubble wrap, and ship them in a box. If you do receive an order that contains broken bath bombs, chances are the delivery man/woman was very rough with the package, or they were in the heat for too long. Please refer to our contact page and submit a ticket that provides your First and Last Name, Order #, Picture of Broken Product, and an Email Address. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I, or somebody I know has an allergy to nuts, are these safe for them to use?
There are no nuts directly in the Bath Bombs, however they are made in an environment where they could have possibly been cross contaminated with nuts, or contain traces of them. Depending of the severity of the allergy, you will have to make the call.